Love makes the world go round.

Not exactly an original saying now is it. But it doesn’t seem to be the case right now, does it. Apart from one or two dives on the outskirts of Melbourne and down the road from my tin-roofed shack, I don’t seem to notice much love in the world these days. War, war is stupid. We are the world no longer applies to human beings. Sad to say this but we’ve been included in that analogous description. But I have to say I hope she makes a comeback soon, given that the Aussie governments don’t seem to last long these days and every couple of years, if we’re lucky, we get browbeaten to the polls. Sheryl’s okay but Tony Abbot’s a moron. I wonder if he’s any relation to Donald Trump, Bashar al Assad, Vladimir Putin, Jacob Zuma, Robert Mugabe, Kim Yong Un and the rest of the basket case despotic world leaders and wannabee leaders.

But Barack Obama, I think he’s cool. Shrewth, I think if every country could have an Obama for a PM then we would all be doing okay. But Obama’s on his way out and its hopefully almost time for women to rule the world. No, it’s not talking politics; it’s just a girly take of what’s happening in the world right now, starting with Melbourne, capital of Australian State Victoria, ironically named after a tyrannical queen.

Okay, okay, so it is a mumbo jumbo of politics then.

Enough of that. Onto the things that really turn our world. Don’t know much about what makes the world for you, you’d better starting writing to me then. There’s a comment box for you to do just that. All I can do for now is tell you a bit more about the things I love and the things that I’d like to see happening in my little world and in the big, wide world out there. The world is actually a lot bigger than we think. It’s not the small world that everybody talks about on social media. We think we’re so close to each other – like me talking to you, if you’re in New York or Mumbai – but walk down the road, sometimes, and you see a different world just laying about doing nothing.

Walk through the rubbish, if you can bear it, and there you see them. Lying under dry pieces of cardboard, if they should be so lucky, are poor, dirty blokes and some girls. All we seem to do is tut-tut and walk on as if to say; what’s wrong with them, why can’t they get up off their arses and get a job like everybody else. If only it were that easy, hey. And we have no idea what trauma these homeless folks went through to land up in such dingy corners, seemingly unseen from the rest of the world.

Despair, despair and more despair.

Now it’s time for a little happiness and joy. If the spring rain holds up, I’m going clubbing tonight. I’m going to get my rocks off for a couple of hours and take my mind off what’s happening around me these days. Or maybe, if I’m feeling too blasted, I’ll just go down the road into town and go and sit at a table and listen to the blokes and the girls sing. I think we’re going to make it an early night, girls. If the weather clears up nicely by tomorrow, I’m going shopping but with what money I don’t know yet.

Bingo, I know, I’ll just take whatever cash I have left over and spoil myself rotten on some small little treats. I’ll buy me a couple of slabs of dark chocolate, I’ll nip off to my coffee shop and purchase a bag of fresh, aromatic Kenyan or Brazilian coffee beans. I have my own little machine here to ground it nice and proper to make the perfect cuppa for everybody. Oh, that reminds me; today, with the rain still pelting down, like it’s going out of fashion, I’ll warm up a nice fresh pot of home-made pea soup. My mum made it.

She’s a soup factory and a half. The other day it was roasted peppers, tomatoes and butternut. She said it was leftover bits and pieces that she just had to use up before the veggies all went off. They were fresh from her own garden. She’s got a nice spread just a few kilometres outside Melbourne on the other side from where I live. I take a bus through the city; hop off to take another transit which heads off in her direction, and then, half an hour later we’re there. Rapid bus transport networks, they’re the bomb, they really do work.

Melbourne city blues is what it feels like today, but what’s a girl to do, hey. After I’ve finished this post, I’m going to start thinking about the next batch of ideas. Then I have to leave it to the blog editor to decide what to do next. If she’s happy, maybe we’ll still be talking about me and Melbourne. Thinking this is radical, because in just a few week’s time, something else new will have cropped up in this ever-changing town of ours.

So, what does a girl like me want out of this world? Well, a lot actually. World peace, for one thing. Food and lot’s of it, for everyone. Heavy taxes for the super rich, except the footie players, of course. A four day work week and minimum wages double what we’re already earning, give or take the two or three jobs I’m already holding down.