Here is where I begin to get rid of all my earlier frustration on inept product descriptions that are only really interested in selling the damn thing, even nonchalantly looking past the exorbitant retail price by telling its dim-witted readers that its quite necessary, given the extensive research and development and time and trouble taken to manufacture the product for their beautiful benefit. All I saw was red and jingle jangle bells in front of me.

These blokes were only interested in money. Lots of it. If there’s any blokes out there that deserve lots of cash, it’s those Aussie rules players. I mean, have you seen the size of their muscles and how short their shorts are. Okay, so maybe you haven’t. Maybe I’ll tell you more about that feast for clear birds’ eyes in a later post. Remind me. Or will you? Anyway, onto organic skin care products, let’s just say cool organic skin care products then.

I’m really quite excited about it. I’m just going to share with you the first bit of info I picked up just before I gave up on my search through the conventions and before we move on to the nitty gritty stuff. Maybe it’s the writer. Or maybe it’s just me. Did she try the product out herself or is it really the producer’s fault. I’m reading here that the product in question was manufactured and designed in such a way that it was to be entirely and utterly enjoyable for the user. Right down to the product packaging. So they say. Well, you don’t say.

The product in question was an exfoliating mask. The routine of application was to be as enjoyable as the results. The results were withheld and none of those benefits explained. They mentioned ‘cute packaging’ but did not describe why it was cute. Quite frankly, I like cuteness in other places, if you don’t mind me saying so. Oh, I suppose we are all different that way. I’m more practically-minded when it comes to taking care of my beautiful looks and skin health. Oh, and one other thing, which again is nothing new in this day and age, the exfoliating mask narrated didn’t include ‘pore-clogging mineral oils’ and were never tested on animals. That’s good to know, and I should bloody well hope so.

Ok, so that’s my critique out of the way and, oh dear, it looks as though I’m running out of time again. Let me just tell you that I am planning on sharing with you good information I’ve collected on organic alternatives to skin care more extensively in a later post. Ok, now I’m lying. It wasn’t really scheduled, so let’s just see what happens. The crux of the matter here, and this much I do know now, is that organic skin care products are strictly all natural.

There are absolutely no chemical ingredients included whatsoever. Its right down to the packaging materials too, I’m afraid. No fancy smancy knots and ties, I’m afraid. The packaging materials are organic too and these must be disclosed to the consumer. The ingredients are made up of things that we should be enjoying in our natural lives anyway. Think of all the lovely citrus fruits you are enjoying at the moment.

Think of the things that go through your mind as the flavours melt through your body, never mind on your tongue. Now that’s invigorating. Your skin’s treatment procedure lasts all day long, and even into the next. That’s beautiful. There’s a lot of emphasis placed on stacking these natural products with vitamins and minerals. Tests have been conducted for generations, and without using animals to prove the point, and it has been propagated for generations that all things natural minus the chemicals are always and have always been good for you and your skin. And with rare exceptions, there are very few side effects.