Straight to the drawing board.

This is one of those subjects that I’m not exactly clueless about but am no deft pro on. Giving away fashion trips for free. So, here’s what I’m going to do for you girls today. I’m going to mix and match. There you go; I’m getting the lingo right, aren’t I. Yes, I’m going to mix and match. I’m going to share with you my own fave and then I’m going to go verbatim on a couple of expert fashion tips that appealed to me and kind of made sense to me and am going to share with you.

First things black.

Can’t really tell you why, but I really dig black. I told you before, didn’t I that I was into black since my school days already. Then, we were wearing plaited grey skirts. We wore short, white socks in summer and long grey socks during the winter months. To make an early fashion statement, I used to roll up my grey socks over and above my knee. Not only did they look like swanky long stockings, they kept my legs nice and warm too.

Soon, all the other girls were doing the same.

The head mistress didn’t like this trend I started and soon put a stop to my rascally fashion trending. So old school. Anyway, black works well with everything you wear and do, in any case. Wear a black top or jacket over your favourite comfy or tight jeans – girls, make sure you have the right figure for tight fits, it could hurt you otherwise – and you have variation between uber casual looks and smart formal wear. Good job I like black. I have a couple of pairs of boots to wear, both black, of course. Suits every occasion.

Match your favourite colour black with a swanky handbag or purse, black too, of course.

As I said earlier, don’t go for tight-fitting items if you have a fuller figure. It’s not going to be comfortable for you to wear. What’s the use of grimacing all day long? That’s not fashionable now is it? When I get around to shopping, I always address comfort first. Then I look at whether the items ring bells for me where making my own fashionable imprint is concerned. Fortunately I’m allowed to wear my favourite tight-fitting jeans because I have the right figure for it.

Don’t oversize.

And if you have the fuller figure, don’t buy things that are two or three sizes too big. I don’t even want to describe what you’d look like. The censorship police would have a field day. Anyway, measure things up carefully and, yes, do allow for a little extra room, just for comfort’s sake. Chances are good that it will stay that way for years to come if this is your natural figure and you are a healthy bird, reasonably active and eating the proper foods.

I go for quality, rather than grab everything I see in sight.

Gone are the days of just simply going mad at the end of season sales. Just because the stuff’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s going to be any good for you in the long run. There’s a reason why they’re chucking all the stuff they couldn’t sell. Also, cheap knock-offs don’t last. Soon, stitches will be coming loose and you’ll start looking like a pauper with holes in her rags. I go for quality and minimise my own personal wardrobe look. It’s also a sustainable initiative.

Good, quality cotton, rather than imitation fibres rule my world.

I’ve taken care of my quality, and I’ve managed to narrow down my items to a look that defines who I really am. It’s my own personal look and how I look in the mirror is designed to make me feel comfortable and confident. Also, it resonates with my own, individual mad-cap Melbourne girly girl look.

I’m telling ya.