How then, does one define girly things?

Come on girly girls, why don’t you tell me? While you’re scratching your nicely blow-dried hair, I’ll jump straight into my own pond of words and give you a sketchy and surreptitious take on girly things I like. This is going to be a really cool creative writing exercise for me. You should try it too. While I’m not exactly going for land speed records and all of that, I am endeavouring to get through this post as quickly as possible.

The reason for doing this is practical and has to do with my exercise here.   Elsewhere I was preparing another post for you guys but I quickly gave up out of frustration. I should be holding the conversation off until I’m ready to press that post but think I’m going to have a go of it here anyway. It’s called getting things off your chest. I was really, really frustrated, really I was. It nearly bordered on crossness but not quite anger. More like despair, really.

Now, really girls, I was looking for interesting stuff to read. I must have told you already that I’m not really a great expert on these things. So, other than pulling together a few strings of my own thoughts on the matter, I’d need to melt myself into some reading and research, wouldn’t I. As it turns out I penned the title of my post ‘cool makeup’ or was it ‘cool skin care products’. I only really have one or two in my own medicine chest that I use on a regular basis.

So, what did I do? I typed ‘cool skin care products’ into the search engine field and, sure enough, after my engine decided to emerge out of its uncharacteristic and uncalled for slumber, a whole bevy of results was thrown into my face like a burst of cool, spring water. I thought, okay, this is good, let’s get to work then. But as I clicked into one (commercial) website after another all I got was pretty photographs with less than vacuous explanations on what the product actually does.

So, from that moment on I decided to change tack. Even the weather seemed to agree. As my mood slumped a bit, so did the weather. It’s not unusual in the late afternoon during the early weeks of a Melbourne spring. Well, actually, it was more like lunchtime. The air became slightly chilled. I closed my laptop, pulled off my jeans and jumper, kicked off my boots, shut the door, locked it even, switched off my study lamp, and with just my skimpy little tee and cotton gee still on, I hopped into the sack.

It’s not an everyday exercise for me – sometimes when that happens, the mood swings, I mean, I take myself for a walk, but on those days, I can linger for hours, get myself into trouble at work, and lose out and such – but today was an off day for me, and so I decided to take a quick nap. I usually kip for just an hour or two. It works well in the sense that I make up for lost time from the late nights out and early morning rises.

I woke up feeling alright. The mutts down the road didn’t wake me but boy are they letting off an irritating array of barks right now. Just as the one starts his yelping, so the rest of the street’s domestic dogs follow suit. Bloody irritating. I was tempted to turn on the stereo and put on some chill music to mellow my mood a little further but decided, no, I really wanted to get back to my blog post.

I actually feel compelled to shut this post right now and move onto the next one.

Girls, what should I do? Should I end it now as per my word count plan, or should I carry on and get the rest of what’s on my mind out and about and still tell you all about the girly things I like in my Melbourne life. Jaah, what the heck. It feels like Christmas here and I’m feeling generous with myself. I made a conscious decision today that I really want to give the organic life a good go. That internet irritation swayed things for me, I’ll tell you why.

Sometime earlier this year, we were involved in a whole host of communications projects related in some way or another to global warming, climate change, the weather, organic living and sustainable development. Melbourne city stakeholders are all abuzz over this lot, and the interest in these subjects is quickly taking root with me. Anyway, not knowing much about the lot of these things, I had to do my own reading and research, but at least it was interesting and invigorating.

And not only did these blokes and girls seem to know what they were talking about, they seemed to have a true passion for the work they were doing. When it came to organic skin care products, I could literally feel their enthusiasm ooze across my already clear skin. But as clear and healthy as it still is – I’m still quite a young bird, but a smoker nevertheless – I get a good feeling that rejuvenation is around the corner for you and me.

Yes, I’ve included you in this frame of mind. Let me take you on a quick journey on the organic alternatives for taking good care of your skin. Let me share my own enthusiasm for new discoveries. I can tell you now that it’s a whole lot better and even cheaper (in the long run) than the tiresome and poisonous conventions we’ve become so used to over the years. Look forward to that because I am, really.

And I haven’t forgotten the girly stuff either. That’s in the back of my mind and could be squeezed in somewhere and when you least expect it.