Remember that angry facial afternoon I had?

I’m over that, done and dusted. I don’t go all red-skinned for very long. Actually, already quite brown, hereditary speaking, I tan quite nicely. You must see my boobs from my lazy afternoons at the beach where we’re allowed to bear all. But, no matter how much sunscreen you smear into your lovely breasts, I have to tell you that this is not an altogether healthy thing to do. The sun’s UV rays are doing a roaring trade at the Melbourne city medi-clinics.

Anyway, I’m just going to give you a quick wash-up on my new discoveries on organic facials and perhaps leave some remarks on why I’m going gaga for it nowadays.  Organic facials far outweigh the chemical conventions without even trying. Because of its natural contents, they’re enriched with antioxidants and have loads of antibacterial properties. Unlike your usual beauty products where you have to buy an entire medicine chest full of different specialist creams or lotions to take care of different needs, one organic facial cream or lotion can take care of the whole lot, wrinkles, dryness, sunburn and so forth.

All the ingredients of organic facials are natural. Pick up any pack, read the product label, and you’re going to find that it contains veggie oils, fruity vitamins and herbs. There are absolutely no harmful chemicals in these organic packs. I don’t know why any girl would want to do this, but someone said that the organic lotions are highly effective for lightening the skin. I happen to think that dark, natural dark, looks lovely and it should stay that way, but that’s just little me talking.

The conventional skin tonics that most women are still using carry too many side effects. Around the corner, there will always be some or another blemish to worry about. Even if it’s some form of specialist treatment prescribed by the dermatologist, there’s still going to be side effects. In essence, no matter how good the skin doctor is at his job, he can never make any guarantee that his prescribed treatments really do work.

I would have been perturbed as to why more dermatologists are not recommending natural, organic treatments, but I have a cynical side view of the reasons why. You see, I suspect that they’re still very much in cahoots with the local pharmaceutical companies, of which there’s a handful here in Melbourne. It’s a mild form of corruption in my view. Between the multinationals, the medical sales reps and the doctors, everyone’s a winner. And the patients lose out. Exponentially, organic materials end up being far more cheaper than generic prescriptions as well.

For one thing, you don’t need to use your organics each and every day of your life. In some cases, you only need one treatment a week, or even once every second week, depending on your condition. This makes these treatments all the more sustainable and makes a contribution towards reducing carbon footprints. You can reduce it even further, because now you can make your own natural skin remedies right here at home.

Just click onto the internet and there you’ll find a basketful of ideas waiting for you. Happy moisturising girls.