Okay, ladies, so maybe I started this blog in a bit of a rush.

Perhaps my about me page does not do me enough justice in terms of what I want to chat to you about going forward. I think I got a little too carried away, and to be quite honest with you, I wasn’t putting too much thought into structuring and composing my ABOUT ME page. Although I did have these ideas in my head all along. I guess it’s fair to say then that my writing can be a bit wonky at times. I’m a university educated girl – perhaps I’ll be filling you in on my student life at a later stage, not sure yet – so I should know better on how to properly structure a blog post.

The length of the post was short enough, so that’s ok too, I guess. Most online readers have the short attention span of, well, never mind then. Anyway, the standard length of a blog post should be no longer than eight hundred words. The shorter, the better, as they say, but in this sense you really have to capture the imagination of your readers. You need to capture the imagination of your readers and not ramble on as I might be doing now.

I decided to stay true to a strict word count. This is to keep me on my toes and to stay productive and ordered with my blogging work – it’s more of a hobby, really – and not overburden my readers with too many bothersome words. Although it must be said that my element of fun theme has not lost me yet. Perhaps my sombre mood will pass in a moment – I had a hectic night last night – perhaps I’ll be filling you in about that lot in a later post. It’s about Melbourne night life, I suppose and it should titillate my future followers because it’s a personal perspective on what naughty Melbourne girls get up to late at night.

Writing is a mood thing, really. One day you’re up, and then the next day you’re down. After the hell of last night, the mood is taking a turn for the better here. It’s a beautiful and glorious Melbourne morning here. I popped out a moment ago to have a cuppa and check out what the papers have to say about the issues of the day. It’s a week day edition, so the paper had mostly serious stuff about politics, earthquakes, migrants and the weather to report on. Nothing much in the line of fun stuff to do over the weekend, not even much to say about the next big Aussie rules game. Now, that I found surprising. Anyway, I suppose I picked up the wrong paper then.

I originally wanted to revisit my ABOUT ME PAGE, but then I decided to chit-chat heartily with you guys instead. Girls, this is personal blog, so perk up and enjoy the Joe with me. Let my words ebb and flow. I do have cool themes in mind, but if I do stray, we’ll still end up having a bit of fun and all. I’ve decided to try and stick to my word counts, but I’ve also decided to vary that, make it longer if necessary when something really interesting comes up. We can always make up for it in another post.

Oh, and I originally wanted to introduce myself to you all. But, ok, you’ll be getting to know me along the way anyhow. I’ve exceeded my word count for this post, but I’m feeling alright about this too. I’m on a roll, so I may as well continue. I’m filled with fun but I do have a tendency to endure mood-swings, particularly when I’m under the gun. I’m holding down three jobs to fund my university loan repayments, my lavish Melbourne lifestyle, my (sort of) plush digs in an old suburb just a way off the beaten track of the Melbourne CBD, and – sigh – my debts. So young that I am, I’m happy to say I learned my lesson early in life.

Our city’s economy is doing alright, so I do want to be an active and beneficial part of that vibe. I’m a waitress for some hours of the week at one of the many cafes in Melbourne. This is an evening job and it’s also an excuse for me to party on for a little bit after my shift ends. But I can’t honestly say how I manage to get up for work again in the morning. Perhaps it’s the fruit and veggie cocktail juice and muesli with yoghurt and berries and bananas that I have every now and then for breakfast during the week.

Nope, I’m not indulging in this stuff for health reasons. I’m just lucky, I suppose, I really do enjoy it. Closer to the weekend, I turn to the traditional English breakfast of sausage, toast and fried – soft, sunny side up, please, if you don’t mind – eggs. I’m into detox meals, given my penchant to overindulge. I think this is mainly so I can clear my head quickly and I really love the way the liquefied meals make my body feel afterwards. I feel so alive and I feel nice and clean inside.

Oh, and my day job is as an apprentice copy-editor at a burgeoning advertising and communications agency in downtown Melbourne. Although you wouldn’t think so by the way I’ve been writing up this post. But then again, it is my own personal ramble and I’m really enjoying this. It’s a new trip for me, and given time and practice, I will surely get better at it. That’s one thing I can say about myself. I might have some bad days, but I never give up on anything. I always try my best.

And what’s my third job? Well, this, actually. I’m earning a few cool Aussie dollars for posting. Nobody’s actually paying me for my writing, but there’s an algorithmic counter somewhere in the back which monitors the amount of times people ‘hit’ my blog.