This is what happens when you rely on the internet these days. I was shocked to the bone. And to think it all started out with good intentions. Here I was, thinking that instead of me telling you what I – Me, myself, I, the Melbourne city girl, Mel, short for Melbourne – gets up to in Melbourne when she’s not working hardcore, I thought I’d check in to see what other girls in the city get up to. Or is it just me? That’s the thing about using the internet.

You have to learn pretty quickly if you’re to have a snowball’s chance of getting up to date with your work. It never snows in Melbourne, by the way, but it can rain like cats and dogs sometimes. Thank you global warming and climate change. Australia is one of the worst-afflicted nations in the world. You must have seen it on your news channels. Nothing but bush fires and massive floods. In your neck of the woods, if you’re from Europe or North America, its floods, floods and more floods. Tornados and hurricanes for Southeast Asians too.

What a world we live in!

Thanks to you and me, and everyone else. We have to accept our culpability in all of this. And I’m happy to say that Melbourne city officials and a lot of Melbournians are clubbing together and doing their best to ward off the effects of global warming and climate change. There’s big plans in the pipeline to reduce our carbon footprints even further. Melbourne leads the way. As always. Hoorah for Melbourne. Go Rebels! The Melbourne Rebels is the city’s big Super Rugby team. So you know, they’re not Aussie Rules and most of us don’t follow them.

All you have to do is head off to their stadium every once in a while when a big match is on. They’re bloody useless, this lot, that’s what they are. Anyway, Rats is the name of one of the city’s top night clubs. I duck and dive in there every now and then to have a good time and dance the blues away. The late British rocker, David Bowie composed a song in the early eighties called Let’s Dance. It’s still tracking big time over here.

Let me tell you why. Firstly, I think the lyrics are pretty cool, quite romantic actually, and they’re easy to memorise for whenever I head off to one of the Asian karaoke clubs on the outskirts of Melbourne. The big thing about Bowie’s big hit is that when the music video was produced it was shot on location in Australia. You know, we Aussies are very proud of the fact. Well, some of us are anyway. Most of the other girls either have short memory sticks or are too busy smoking up something stuffy.

That’s the shock of my life I got when I nonchalantly typed in my post’s heading.

What Melbourne city girls get up to.

See how quickly you learn. And see how enriching the learning curve is when you use your Chinese noodle. There’s plenty of Chinese restaurants around about here. I have my dingy favourite, the food is really great. Noodle is a slang word for brain. Rats have dozens of DJs playing there every week. It’s a really cool mix for those of you who are in the mood for variety, just like I am. I can get quickly bored with one-track sessions, really I can. Rats, you will be hearing UK garage and party muzac at Rats, and if you’re a late night bird like me, you needn’t rush. Plenty of time left in the night and the wee hours to party on.


When I’m truly in the mood to dance for a couple of hours I go in for Rhythm and Blues, old school and new stuff too. This is where I get my rocks off. Anyway. No, it’s not my usual conversational habit, it’s the name of the club, you silly dilly. Boy, I’m in a swell mood today. I’m behind with my work – I’m typing up a blog post, instead of getting my proofing done, but who cares, hey – we’re having a lovely time. Absolutely fabulous, that’s how I’m feeling today.

I was having so much fun with this post; I was tempted to just carry on typing until whenever. But time really is against me today. I’m going to have to head off soon. I feel blessed in way. I’ve only mentioned a couple of things that I like to do every once in a while in Melbourne at night, just so you have a few good ideas to think about when, not if, you arrive here one day soon. I feel blessed because there’s just so much more to tell you girls. Man, I could go on all night. Here’s what I am going to do. I’m going to retain some talking points and keep it over for a later post.

There’s still more clubs to chill at. There’s restaurants to grub at and, girls, girls, what do we really love to do. Why of course, we all love to go shopping. Shops in Melbourne everywhere girls. I’m looking forward to telling you about that lot. Now, whatever you’re doing tonight, or today, wherever you are in the world, you do have a lovely day now.